Flint Water Settlement: Important Update for Flint Families

We are happy to announce the next step in the legal process of the State of Michigan, the City of Flint, McLaren Regional Medical Center, and Rowe Professional Services Co. settlement. 

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan has granted preliminary approval for the $641.2 million partial settlement resulting from the class action and individual lawsuits brought on behalf of Flint residents. Flint residents can now begin the process of registering to participate in the settlement.

Here is what Flint families need to know now:

Supplemental File Additions to Registration

The Flint Water Interim Class Counsel Team will let you know as soon as we have guidance about adding supplemental documents to your registration form. We will post the steps on this website.

What happens next (after March 29, 2021)? 

​The Flint Water Interim Class Counsel Team’s understanding is that after approximately 30 days claims forms will be sent out to those whose registrations are ruled eligible. When we are given more guidance about how to respond to the sent claims forms, we will add the information to this website.

What happens after Registration?  


Everyone who fills out a Registration Form will receive a Claims Form. We will provide you with additional guidance on information needed to file a claim as soon as it is available.

What can I do now? 


We know it is difficult, but we ask that you continue to be patient as the proposed settlement works through the legal process.


  • Medical Release Attachment:    If you or your child had a Blood Lead Test between 5/16/2014 – 8/31/2016, please fill out the Medical Release and return it to us.

  • If I want a Bone Scan, how do I get it?  We are working on this issue and will provide you with additional guidance on this very soon.


  • Will I need additional documents?  You might.  As the process is finalized, we will send you information on other documents you may need.