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Since 2016, a group of law firms have worked diligently on behalf of all putative members of the class action to achieve justice for the harm caused by the Flint Water Crisis.


Learn About the Legal Team

Flint Water Crisis Legal Team

The Flint Water Crisis Legal Team
Front Row
Gregory Stamatopoulus, William Goodman, Shermane Sealey, Beth Rivers, Cynthia M. Lindsey, Julie Hurwitz. Back RowTJ Bucholz, Cary McGehee, Trachelle Young, Paul Novak, Teresa Bingman, Michael Pitt.

These firms are working collaboratively on behalf of putative class members who were exposed to contaminated Flint Water and have ongoing litigation in the following courts:

  • Michigan Supreme Court

  • Michigan Court of Appeals

  • Michigan Court of Claims

  • United States Supreme Court

  • Genesee County Circuit Court

  • United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit

  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan


On July 27, 2017, the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division appointed Theodore Leopold of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC and Michael Pitt of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers P.C.,
along with their respective firms as Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel.

On January 16, 2018, Judge Levy appointed former U.S. Senator Carl Levin and retired Michigan Circuit Judge Pamela Harwood as mediators to help settle the case.


Those harmed during the Flint Water Crisis who are part of the putative class action lawsuit that is pending before U.S. District Court Judge Levy in the Eastern District of Michigan should be aware of these key points:

  • Class Action lawsuits do not require individuals to separately hire their own attorney.

  • At this time, there is no deadline for individuals to decide whether to opt-out of the putative class action lawsuit.

  • The Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel in the Flint Water Crisis case seek compensation for all members of the putative class action, which includes individuals, businesses, and homeowners.


In 2017, many of the firms listed above filed a complaint against the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on behalf of individuals who lodged administrative complaints against the EPA. This matter is pending before Federal Judge Linda V. Parker.

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